fried twinkies

Maybe I phoned it in a little last weekend …  You know, it’s not easy to write in this thing every day.. It really isnt, but I’m dednicated enough to do it.  That’s my way, the foodkipedia way … anyway , thanks for clicking!  Click it or ticket!! HAHHAHHA!  Lol…


Also, Ive got some complaints for people saying I’m too loose and excited BUT I JUST CAN’T HELP IT!!  Getting excited about foods/foodz… that’s also the foodkipedia way@!!


ANYWAY, as promised, I have friends in Chicago who settle me info on theyre local flavor!  My friend turned me on to DEEP FRIED TWINKIES!!  OMFG, so excited, I’m going to throw up!!  LOLoooOOoOoZ!


According to wikipedia, twinkes are “godlen sponge cakes with creamy filling” made by hoastess… well!  that’s all goof, but ever dip them in the frier?  now theirs a treat anyone can enjoy!  


First you take the twinkie and ya eat it, ya eat it…

Then you take your mouth and ya chew it, ya chew it…

Then ya take your stomach and digest it, digest it…

LoOoOoOoOoLLZLZLLZL!!!  on the MFin FLOOR!


So… that’s all for today, folks…



2 Responses to “fried twinkies”

  1. agarden Says:

    LOLZ larry! im just commenting today cause i don’t want a ticket!

  2. foodkipedia Says:

    zHere’s a coinversation by some real chi-town heros about fried twinkies and twikie-masu!

    Apparently, the hoastess factory is on the south side somewhere!

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